Nighthawk Lights

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NightHawk Led Lights

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It’s a simple word, but one of the most powerful words there is. It is the one word that our customers use most often to sum up their decision for purchasing and using our gear. We are hugely grateful for your Trust and we will do everything we can to continue to earn it and preserve it.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality specialty flashlights and Solar products at the best prices and value. Our products are focused on individual & close proximity uses, where ease of use, convenience, and reliability are key factors that our users demand.

Over the twenty years not only have LED Flashlights changed the entire way in which we live, work and play. LED performance, brightness, durability and cost have continued to change the LED Flashlight landscape. Not only do these advances have a great impact on our daily lives, the energy sources and methods of keeping our devices charged and readily available has undergone a major shift as well. Advances in Solar technology, especially in the efficiency of power conversion  (sun-light to electricity) have now made it possible for individuals to carry personal Solar devices to harness the power of the Sun just about anywhere. We firmly believe that the need for personal power consumption demand will continue to grow; we have adapted our product line to now include personal Solar & Battery Charger devices. Solar produced energy, as well as advances in battery technology and lower cost allows everyone that needs on-the-go power to have it. The digital devices we use in our daily lives are all power hungry and it takes an on-going supply of ready power to keep them performing.

But its not only our everyday devices that need portable personal power, over the last decade hundreds of thousands of people have been directly affected by natural and made catastrophes. The majority of the time leaving people stranded without electricity for days, weeks and sometimes months. In today’s age of technology there is no reason to be powerless until the grid comes back up. That is why we offer Solar-Hybrid and Solar Charger products. These products are the best of the best when it comes to ease of use, convenience, reliability and dependability. Now you can have peace of mind that not only can you have some of the most Trusted Flashlights in the world but now you can power up you digital devices with and endless source of energy – directly from the sun.